How You Can Help  

You can do it! Organize a Diaper Drive!

One way you can help is organize a diaper drive at your church, business, or social organization. Announce that you will be collecting diapers for the Utah Diaper Bank. Then you can deliver them to us for distribution or we will pick them up (just let us know the address and a convenient time). 

We have banners and collection bins we can loan you for your drive. Just email us and we'll arrange for you to pick them up or for us to drop them off.

We've also prepared a diaper drive kit with some ideas and sample documents. The details and documents are at the end of this page.

Contribute Diapers

You can drop off diapers at one of our collection points listed on our donate page or better still, let us place a collection bin at your location. By the way, w
e're looking for a drop off location in Downtown Salt Lake City or Sugar House. If you have a location where we can place a bin please contact us.

We expect, on occasion, to have the nee for a loading dock and temporary (less than two weeks) storage for a standard 53 foot trailer load of diapers. If you can provide such space please contact us.




We need volunteers to pick up and distribute diapers. Visit our Volunteer page for more information or contact us at

You can download the flyers below to use for your diaper drive.

NEW! Utah Diaper Bank - Poster  PDF Download
101 Ideas for Your Diaper Drive     PDF Download
Sample Flyer - Who & Why Utah Diaper Bank   PDF Download
Sample Flyer - Who We Serve   PDF Download
Sample Flyer - Diaper Drive   Word Download   PDF Download
Sample Email  Word Download   PDF Download
Utah Diaper Bank Information Flyer  PDF Download
We welcome you to our website and hope that your presence here signals your desire to help this movement

The Diaper Bank movement began in 1994 when a small consulting firm decided to give back to their local community during the holiday season. Resolve Inc., located in Tucson, Arizona began their philanthropic endeavor by collecting diapers for a local crisis nursery. Their annual diaper collection tradition continued, and only five years later they were able to collect 300,000 diapers for 30 different agencies