Our Mission
To collect and distribute diapers to community organizations and individuals in need while raising awareness of this problem

We're proud to be a member of 
the National Diaper Bank Network.



Our Vision: No diaper need in Utah is unfulfilled.


A little background. 


The Utah Diaper Bank was founded in 2012 by a few concerned individuals who saw a community need for an organized approach to collecting and distributing diapers.  The first awareness of this need surfaced in 2010 when a call went out from local television and radio stations to fill an urgent need of local Salt Lake City shelters for diapers. 

Over the next two years donations to the shelters continued on a personal basis, but in May of 2012 the local television stations once again broadcast an urgent need for diapers.  It was from this second call for aid that the resolve was formed to “Do something about this ongoing problem  Initial research found that there was already a loosely organized group of diaper banks in thirty-two states. But Utah was not one of those states.  It was with this resolve and information that the decision was reached that Utah should, like the other thirty-two states, have its own organized diaper bank.




Farmer's Market Time

We'll be at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmer's Market once a Month 

Pioneer Park

June 9th

July 7th

August 25th

September 5th

Stop by and say Hello! 

Stretch Your Dollars

Huggies New Purchase Program


At the annual National Diaper Bank Network conference last week Huggies announced the implementation of a special purchase program for diaper banks.  This program allows us to purchase diapers at a greatly reduced price.  It means your donated dollars can purchase 3-6 times more diapers than you could.