Diaper Need Awareness Week 2020

This week is National Diaper Need Awareness.  All across the country elected officials have issued proclamations declaring this in their locality.

Once again, our own Governor Herbert and Mayor Wilson have issued proclamations for the state and Salt Lake county.  Our goal is to inform as many people as possible about this gap in our social safety net.  There is no government program that supplies infant diapers to those in need.

To fill this need over 200 diaper banks across the US collect and distribute diapers.  Last year the Utah Diaper Bank distributed over 500,000 diapers to Utah families in need.  So far this year we have distributed over 700,000.  Even with this increased distribution we fall way short of the need.

Usually  in support of this annual event the Salt Lake County library branches host a diaper drive in each of their branches.  Due to Covid-19 they will not be able to do this. If you can please consider hosting your own diaper drive or donating to the diaper bank.  You can drop your donations at 615 E Pioneer Ave in Sandy.

Thank You HomeAid

A big thank you to HomeAid of Salt Lake.  They recently hosted a diaper drive and raised over 130,000 diapers.  This  tops their last year's drive and secures their title of hosting our largest annual diaper drive.

We're a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network
We're a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network

Our Mission

At the Utah Diaper Bank, our purpose is to raise awareness of diaper needs in Utah, create diaper distribution networks and partnerships, and provide diapers to community service partners and families in need throughout the state.



Our Vision: Clean diapers for every Utah family in need


We're looking for Flex Working Space 

Our grant ran out so we closed our Sandy working space.  We need a new working space to grow. Please see our Donate Page or read a recent article about our need in  The Utah Statesman

Stretch Your Dollars

Huggies New Purchase Program


At the annual National Diaper Bank Network conference Huggies announced the implementation of a special purchase program for diaper banks.  This program allows us to purchase diapers at a greatly reduced price.  It means your donated dollars can purchase 3-6 times more diapers than you could.