Once again HomeAid is helping us out.  They’ve included us in their Homeless Awareness promotion starting next week.  Just a reminder for those of you who don’t remember HomeAid has hosted the largest annual diaper drive both in 2019 and 2020 raising over 100,000 diapers each year

September Marks reduced Diaper Shipments

Starting September, we’ve had to reduce our monthly and quarterly shipments.  Earlier this year in response to increased demand we doubled and, in some months, tripled our shipping levels.  We need to ensure that our inventory is not depleted, hence the reduced shipping level.  Even with the new levels we are shipping only slightly less diapers each month than we did last year.  This year to date we have shipped 50% more diapers than we did last year.  We’d like to thank all of you that donated this year supporting this higher distribution level.

We're a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network
We're a proud member of the National Diaper Bank Network

Our Mission

At the Utah Diaper Bank, our purpose is to raise awareness of diaper needs in Utah, create diaper distribution networks and partnerships, and provide diapers to community service partners and families in need throughout the state.



Our Vision: Clean diapers for every Utah family in need


We Now Have a Donated Flex Working Space 

We've been looking for six years and now a working space has been donated Thank You to our donor 

We'll need some equipment most immediate need is pallet racking. Please ask anyone you know that may be able to donate some

Stretch Your Dollars

Huggies New Purchase Program


At the annual National Diaper Bank Network conference Huggies announced the implementation of a special purchase program for diaper banks.  This program allows us to purchase diapers at a greatly reduced price.  It means your donated dollars can purchase 3-6 times more diapers than you could.